Jin-Peng Liu

Doctoral Student of Applied Mathematics

University of Maryland


My name is Jin-Peng Liu (刘锦鹏). I am a fourth-year doctoral student of AMSC program at the University of Maryland, advised by Andrew Childs.

Prior to that, I received my B.S. degree in Chinese Academy of Sciences Hua Loo Keng Class at the Beihang University in 2017, supervised by Ya-xiang Yuan.

I aim to develop quantum algorithms with sup-polynomial speed-ups over classical algorithms, including topics such as quantum solvers for linear and nonlinear differential equations, quantum simulation, quantum optimization and machine learning, and quantum computational finance. I am also interested in classical algorithms for nonlinear optimization.


  • Quantum Computing
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Nonlinear Optimization


  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, 2017 - 2022

    University of Maryland

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2017

    Beihang University


High-precision quantum algorithms for ODEs and PDEs

  • Jun 2020: Center for Quantum Computing, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen
  • Apr 2020: Microsoft Quantum Redmond Group, Microsoft Research, Redmond

High-precision quantum algorithms for partial differential equations

  • Mar 2020: Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley

Quantum computation for linear algebra (QCLA)

  • Mar 2020: Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles

Quantum algorithms for differential equations and optimization

  • Jun 2019: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Efficient quantum algorithm for dissipative nonlinear differential equations

Jin-Peng Liu, Herman Øie Kolden, Hari K. Krovi, Nuno F. Loureiro, Konstantina Trivisa and Andrew M. Childs

Quantum algorithms for the polynomial eigenvalue problems

Changpeng Shao and Jin-Peng Liu

High-precision quantum algorithms for partial differential equations

Andrew M. Childs, Jin-Peng Liu, and Aaron Ostrander

Quantum spectral methods for differential equations

Andrew M. Childs and Jin-Peng Liu

New stepsizes for the gradient method

Cong Sun and Jin-Peng Liu



Doctoral Student

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation, University of Maryland

Sep 2017 – Present College Park, MD
  • Feb 2020: Visiting Student in Simons Institute, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sep 2017: Dean’s Fellowship

Undergraduate Student

Chinese Academy of Sciences Hua Loo Keng Class in Mathematics, Beihang University

Sep 2013 – Jun 2017 Beijing
  • Jun 2017: Representative of Beihang Graduation Ceremony
  • Nov 2016: Shenyuan Golden Medal (rank: 10/3987)
  • Dec 2015: Outstanding Student of the Year (rank: 10/3987)
  • Nov 2015: Mathematics Star Award (rank: 1/115)
  • May 2015: President of Beijing Association for Collegiate Reading


  • jliu1219@terpmail.umd.edu
  • Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742